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Purchase and Licensing FAQ

A new way to buy Enterprise Security Software

The world has changed when it comes to buying enterprise software products. As an informed customer, you want to research potential products without influence from biased enterprise sales people or glossy brochures which attempt to communicate trust, out-of-the-box capability and return on investment when the reality is starkly different.

Ground Labs is not the same as most when it comes to how we publish software. Our goal is to build powerful security software that people can try before buying. We believe if a software product is truly worthy of being purchased, it should sell itself.

To do this, we rely on a radically different approach to selling our software. Here's what makes us different:

  • Purchase the way you want - 100% online, via email, via telephone or via one of our global partners. It's your choice.
  • Real people, available in every time zone. If you have questions that can't be answered within this FAQ, we make it easy for you to reach out to us via email or telephone.
  • One transparent and fair End User License Agreement for each product which you don't need to be a lawyer to read.
  • Access to fully functional software licenses to evaluate and make a fully informed judgement of before taking the next step. Furthermore we can help you with common procurement and Request for Proposal (RFP) questions, available around the clock no matter what time zone you're in.
  • Onsite Implementation and Professional Services in most countries which are available through our Global Partner Network.
  • Online Quote generation and purchasing are conducted through our easy Quote & Ordering Form.

We're here to help at any time, so please contact us if there are any questions we have not answered for you in this FAQ.

Product Trial and Proof of Concept

Can I test a product and run a Proof of Concept without obligation or cost?

Yes, you can evaluate the latest version of Card Recon & Data Recon for 30 days, enabling your team to experience how the product performs before deciding if it's right for you. A product trial provides you with a fully functional download version which can be used on a workstation or server of your choice. What you use throughout your trial is what you will be receiving when you buy. In fact, to activate your commercial license you will just need to update the license key being used.

To generate a trial license key, simply request a trial and we will create a license for you within the Ground Labs customer portal under your own login.

If it is Enterprise Recon you wish to evaluate, we have created a live demonstration system just for this purpose. This system is built to simulate a real organisation with a mix of compliant and non-compliant workstations and servers giving you the experience of a real live implementation that has been running for many years.

To generate login credentials to the Enterprise Recon live demo, please contact us and credentials will be created for you with fast turnaround.

All trial licenses include access to our technical support resources. Trial license keys are limited to a specified number of hosts according to the product selected and are compatible for use on all supported platforms within the selected product edition.

How do I receive the software? Is it shipped as a box product?

Being a next-generation software company, Ground Labs has adopted the Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) model for our products. Therefore software is available only via download from our website. This enables us to continuously improve the product and make updates and improvements available to customers without delay. In support of this approach, Ground Labs does not distribute any software on physical media such as DVD/CD-ROM or as a shrink-wrapped product. As all commercial license subscriptions include software maintenance (support and updates), the ESD model enables us to support you in the most efficient way.

After we purchase a subscription license, does the software need to be reinstalled?

There is no need to reinstall your software. Depending on the product selected, the following is required:

Card Recon & Data Recon - Your license is automatically available via online authentication from the software or via Offline License Key within the Ground Labs customer portal.

Enterprise Recon - Your existing installation can be updated by uploading your purchased license key into the Configuration page of your product's administration console.

Pricing and Discounts

How much do Ground Labs products cost?

Card Recon & Data Recon pricing starts at 1 host and can be purchased in quantity packs according to your needs. All pricing information is always available at

For Enterprise Recon, contact a member of our Product Team or your preferred Ground Labs Partner to receive a quotation tailored to your environment's needs.

Does Ground Labs offer discounts?

Volume and multi-year term discounts are automatically calculated into the prices published. This is designed to reward customers with a discount as the number of licenses increases and where the license term reflects a longer commitment. Discounts are measured within each individual order on a per-product basis and do not retrospectively apply across multiple orders.

If you are a renewal customer, a loyalty discount will be provided as a thank you for your continued support.

Are there any discounts for government organisations?

Special discounts are not offered to government organizations (unless you are a provider of primary, secondary or tertiary education in which case you would qualify for our education pricing). Government organizations purchasing Ground Labs software are required to purchase commercial licenses.

Are there any discounts for educational institutions?

Yes, Ground Labs offers a 25% discount off Enterprise Recon pricing for educational institutions. To qualify please contact and provide a copy of your organisations credentials confirming your status as an educational institution.

Are there any discounts for registered charities?

Yes. Ground Labs offers a 50% discount off Enterprise Recon pricing for registered charities. This is our small way of giving something back to the community. To qualify please contact us and provide a copy of your a government-issued certificate confirming registered charity status.

Does Ground Labs offer Reseller Discounts

Ground Labs does not offer any reseller discounts. Discounts are only offered to official Ground Labs Partners who are recognised experts in security and PCI compliance and can advise on the correct implementation and usage of Ground Labs products.

Ordering Products

How do I place an order for a Ground Labs Product?

All orders must be placed via the secure online Quote & Ordering Form or alternatively via a Ground Labs Partner. If you are buying on behalf of different company such as your client, please answer Yes to "I am a reseller purchasing on behalf of my customer" during the order process. Once that is done, a quote or invoice will be sent via email. If credit card details are not provided via the online payment option the quote can be paid by direct bank transfer.

Your software license will become available once full payment is confirmed. Please be aware it generally takes up to 3 business days for a direct bank transfer to be confirmed.

How do I request a pricing quotation?

Creating a quote is easier than you think.

For Card Recon & Data Recon, we give you the ability to generate an obligation-free quote online. You will just need to submit your request through our Quote & Ordering Form. In the final step click "Create Quote". Only quotes using an official quote number created though our website or via our product team are considered valid.

For Enterprise Recon, simply contact a member of our Product Team or a Ground Labs Partner and a quotation will be provided according to your requirements.

If at any reason you are unsure about the most appropriate product, please contact our Product License team for further advice.

What taxes will be charged?

Ground Labs is a Singapore-based company. As such, Ground Labs is required by law to collect 7% GST from all Singapore located customers. For customers residing in a country outside of Singapore, no GST is levied.

Tax Treaties: As a Singaporean company, Ground Labs is exempt from withholding taxes in some countries like the United States. For compliance reasons, U.S. customers may wish to request a copy of our W-8BEN form; or for non-U.S. customers, the Singapore ACRA website can be used to acquire evidence of Ground Labs status as a Singapore company.

Prices may be affected by organisations located in countries that do not have a tax treaty with Singapore and are therefore required to impose withholding taxes. Please contact our Product Team to discuss the potential implications.

Why is there a processing fee?

Payment via Stripe:

  • For payments in excess of 2000.00, a transaction fee of 3.3% will be applied
  • This transaction fee is based on invoice value
  • Payments are processed in real time
  • Once payment is confirmed, your software licenses will be available for download immediately upon receiving real time-payment confirmation
  • Alternative payment mode would be Bank Transfer. Please refer to Bank Transfer payment details
  • For any questions, please email

Payment via PayPal:

  • For payments in excess of 2000.00, a transaction fee of 3.8% will be applied
  • This transaction fee is based on invoice value
  • Payments are processed in real time
  • Once payment is confirmed, your software licenses will be available for download immediately upon receiving real time-payment confirmation
  • Alternative payment mode would be Bank Transfer. Please refer to Bank Transfer payment details
  • For any questions, please email

Payment via Bank Transfer:

  • For payments by Bank Transfer, please instruct the Bank to transfer to bank account as stated on Ground Labs’s invoice as provided
  • Transfer must be in origin currency
  • Applicable Bank fee to be fully borne by buyer
  • For immediate license release prior to funds clearance, please send in your request to with quote or invoice details

Please note, we are unable to accept Checks (Cheques) as a form of payment.

What payment methods are available?

All Ground Labs products can be paid using either Online Payment with a Visa or Mastercard, PayPal or via Bank Transfer.

Please note, we are unable to accept Checks (Cheques) as a form of payment.

I received your bank account details however there was no IBAN stated. Will this be a problem?

Not at all. Only European bank accounts issue IBANs. For payment made to financial institutions located in Singapore, a SWIFT code, account number and account name are the only elements required to accurately identify the payment beneficiary. The account number we provide on the quote or invoice can be used as the "IBAN" for your bank transfer. It is important to pay using the correct currency shown on your invoice or quotation next to the amount payable otherwise this may result in your payment being rejected by our bank.

Can I pay via Check (Cheque)?

Unfortunately Checks can not be accepted as a form of payment due to our banking local arrangements. The methods of payment available include Visa and Mastercard or Bank (wire) Transfer.

Are there any limits when paying by Visa or Mastercard?

For Visa and Mastercard payments, country specific limits may be imposed by the banking network for larger amounts. Please note Ground Labs has no control over any limits imposed. If you are unable to successfully make a payment via this method, please make payment via a Bank Transfer as no limits exist via this method.

If my bank charges fees for a Bank (wire) Transfer, can we pass these on to Ground Labs?

It is normal business practice for each party to incur their own transactional banking fees. As such, Ground Labs is not responsible for any fees incurred by a customer or partner when making payment via Bank Transfer. An option may be offered by your bank to pass-on the fees associated with the transfer to the receiver (Ground Labs) however such charges will not be accepted. In the event any fees are deducted from any payment received, additional delays will occur whilst our team makes contact with you to resolve the short-fall. For this reason we ask you to ensure any bank charges are not passed through at the time of initiating the payment.

I have a Purchase Order. How do I submit this to Ground Labs?

To place an order based on your Purchase Order, please complete our secure online Quote & Ordering Form. When completing the Billing details, you will be provided the opportunity to add your Purchase Order number. The Purchase Order number will appear on your quote or invoice and will be sent in PDF format via email. If you already have a quote or invoice, you can update the quote or invoice through your Ground Labs portal account in the Orders section of the screen.

Ground Labs is happy to reference a Purchase Order number on a quote or invoice for your internal tracking and record keeping. However, we do not accept purchase orders as a form of payment nor the terms and conditions commonly associated with purchase orders. We provide fully functional licenses for you to evaluate while payment is being arranged. We are able to keep our prices low by offering a standard End User License Agreement to all our customers and do not offer payment credit terms.

Our payment terms are Net 0-day and we accept payment by Visa or MasterCard or via Bank Transfer. Details can be found on the first page of a quotation or invoice. Once full payment is received, our license system will automatically issue the license keys and email the nominated end user licensee contact.

Once this order is created, when will I receive the software and license key?

Access to your software license key(s) is provided only after the successful receipt and processing of your payment. Once payment is received, a confirmation email will be sent to the End User Licensee email address that includes instructions on how to access the license key via the Ground Labs customer portal.

Can I exchange, refund or upgrade after an order is complete?

Exchanges and Upgrades

Yes you can exchange and upgrade your software license within 1 month of purchase and without penalty. After this time, it is still possible to upgrade product depending on the time remaining on your current license. Please contact our Product License team regarding the particulars of your upgrade request.

Refunds or Downgrades

Ground Labs does not provide refunds or downgrade credits for change-of-mind or other reasons. Instead we enable clients to thoroughly evaluate products prior to making a purchase decision so you know exactly how our products function and perform. If you have a dispute, complaint or any other dissatisfaction regarding Ground Labs software please contact us via email or telephone. We will endeavor to resolve any fault or issue presented within a 60 day time period.

Subscription Licensing and Upgrades

How are Ground Labs products licensed?

Ground Labs products are licensed according to the number of search targets on a year by year basis. This is also referred to as a Subscription License model.

Under a Subscription License model, standard technical support and any updates for the product subscribed to are included throughout the licensed term.

What is a target?

A target is a search location which can be uniquely identified by Card Recon, Data Recon or Enterprise Recon. Different target types will vary slightly in how they are licensed. The following breakdown can be used.

Examples of a target include:

  • A physical desktop or server.
  • A virtual desktop or service instance.
  • A unique system of any type that can be scanned via remote file share such as a NAS or SAN device.
  • A Database server containing multiple databases.
  • An email server containing multiple email boxes.
  • A single instance of a hosted application such as a CRM platform or Website.
  • An Amazon S3 file storage Bucket.
  • A Gmail domain containing multiple users each with a Mailbox, Calendar, Tasks and Google Docs storage.

A list of the target license types is available at

Can I re-assign licenses across different targets?

It is not possible to re-assign licenses in order to search a higher number of targets beyond the license quantity purchased as this would violate the Ground Labs End User License Agreement. Technical limitations are also imposed on a product by product basis to avoid this from occurring.

Card Recon & Data Recon

It is not possible to re-assign a license once it has been assigned to a target via Online Authentication or Manual License Assignment via the Ground Labs customer portal.

Where an existing licensed target has changed hostname, it is possible to submit a request to our Support Team with evidence. The evidence must include a screen shot or copy of an unmodified operating system log file showing both the old and new hostname indicating a recent change.

Enterprise Recon

Enterprise Recon provides the functionality to delete hosts thus making an existing assigned license available for reassignment. This capability may only be used when the host is being removed, retired or has been decommissioned permanently and will not be re-purposed. Please also note removal of a host deletes all related history including reports.

For any other scenario, re-assignment of licenses violates the End User License Agreement.

If you require additional licenses for your existing Ground Labs product, please contact our Product License team to discuss which option is best for you.

Multi-Year agreements

If you have purchased a multi-year agreement, this includes the ability to re-assign licenses once per year from year 2 onwards.

What is a subscription license?

A subscription license is a software license that is offered to customers on a renewable term basis. The term length normally available for Ground Labs products starts from 1 year (annual).

A subscription license has many advantages over traditional license models as it reduces the pricing into equal year-by-year payments and includes support and maintenance throughout the chosen term. Subscription licenses also include no-cost upgrades to both minor major version changes of the same product license in a current subscription term without the requirement to pay additional fees.

There is no commitment to continue annual payments unless a separate multi-year agreement has been entered into.

When does the license countdown start?

The license term countdown begins when the license becomes available within the Ground Labs customer portal. This normally occurs immediately upon payment being confirmed for the associated license order. For example, when an order is placed online and paid via Visa or Mastercard, the license is made available straight away and therefore the product license period also commences at the same time. This is regardless of when the product license is subsequently downloaded and when usage of the product has commenced therefore we encourage you to start taking advantage of your chosen products' capabilities as soon as possible.

What happens at the end of my subscription term?

If you choose not to renew your subscription or are unable to complete the renewal process before the expiry date, the product will automatically cease to function until a new license key is used.

Please contact our Product License team if your license has expired.

How do I renew my subscription?

One month before your current subscription is due to expire, you will receive a notification email inviting you to renew your existing Ground Labs product. It will include instructions on how to proceed with renewal according to how your original purchase method. It is important to ensure the renewal process is completed before your license expires. Any remaining time will be automatically credited towards your new license.

Once your subscription has been renewed, an updated license key will be made available.

Card Recon & Data Recon - There is no need to do anything if online authentication is used. When searching a target with an expired license, You will be prompted to select an updated license to use from the new license pack. If internet access is not available from the target being searched, you will be required to manually assign a license then download an offline license key from the Ground Labs customer portal.

Enterprise Recon - You will be required to download the updated license key file from the Ground Labs customer portal and upload it within the Enterprise Recon reporting console. This can be performed under the Configuration section.

Can I upgrade my subscription before the current term?

Yes, we welcome the opportunity to help you upgrade your existing product. Please contact our Product License team to confirm your upgrade requirement.

I have purchased a multi-year license. Do need to update my license file each year?

Where a multi-year license has been purchased and paid for in advance, a license file for the entire term will be issued.

If you are a large organisation and have entered into a corporate multi-year enterprise agreement, please refer to the agreement outlining the terms of license file issuance.

Software Support

What support is included with my software license?

All Ground Labs products include the following levels of support:

Support Feature Card Recon Data Recon Enterprise Recon
Online Knowledge Base
24 X 7
24 X 7
24 X 7
Email Support
24 X 5
24 X 5
24 X 5
Phone Support
24 X 5
Live support via WebEx*
24 X 5
Confirmed by appointment
Initial Response SLA's
(Business days)

Maximum: 48hrs

Average: 24hrs

Maximum: 48hrs

Average: 24hrs

Maximum: 12hrs

Average: 6hrs

Technical Contacts** 2 2 5

* Support via WebEx is provided on an appointment basis when a support case can not be resolved by our support team within 2 contact activities.

** The number of technical contacts that may contact Ground Labs support.

The following matrix will further assist in understanding the types of queries our support team can help you with.

Support services include Support does not include
  • Incident Support - Identifying and troubleshooting problems in the system.
  • Root cause analysis.
  • Assistance with issues during installation or ongoing operation.
  • Assistance with issues during upgrades.
  • Identifying and creating debugging logs for diagnostic purposes.
  • Guidance around implementation and configuration.
  • Usage of Ground Labs products on supported operating system versions.
  • Customers without a current software subscription.
  • End Users who are not named on the customer account with Ground Labs.
  • End of life, Beta, and Development releases.
  • Development, Scripting or 3rd party integration questions involving the use of Ground Labs products.
  • Product Training.
  • Non-English language support.
  • Providing statements of assurance relating to your PCI compliance.
  • Guidance on becoming PCI compliant for requirements outside of Cardholder Data Discovery.
  • Usage of Ground Labs products on an unsupported or outdated operating system versions.
  • Professional Services
    • System & Performance tuning.
    • Deployment & Capacity Planning.
    • Installation & Upgrade Services.

Need this kind of help? A Ground Labs Partner may have just the right advice for you.

Are product updates included?

Absolutely. Product updates are included with all Ground Labs software license subscriptions.

Our products will continue to evolve via frequent and incremental updates which may include tweaks, bug fixes, UI enhancements or major feature additions such as a new supported file type, email server or database. You will continue receiving access to any updates for the product subscribed to for the duration of your subscription license term. This includes minor point release updates and major product version increases (e.g. from Version 1.X to version 2).

Should your subscription expire, access to product updates will cease and your product will no longer function.

Is support available after a subscription term ends?

Upon expiry of a software license subscription, no further access to support is available. To re-gain access to support, please contact our Product Team to renew your subscription license.